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Bulletin of October 19, 2014

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Sanctuary Lamp   Sanctuary Flowers

In Memory of
On the 1st Anniversary of her passing to God, we offer our prayers for her wonderful children and their families:
Loretta, Joanna (Tom), Roberta, John (Joanne) and Marianne (Bob)


Dedicated to:
The Madonna CCW
For all the hard work and dedication that was put into the Arts and Crafts Show. Each year this ministry puts in outstanding effort and this year was no different.
May our Divine Lord continue to give them joy and love. Pastor Julian P. Harris

Votive Lamp Of St. Peregrine

Dedicated for
All those who have
passed of is suffering of cancer.

May they and their families be in our prayers.

Priesthood Sunday

For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins; who can have compassion on the ignorant and on those who are outside of the Way...

We are thankful for the Priests at our Parish and in our Community for their dedication to the fulfillment of God's call to serve His people through their work.

We invite you to join Pastor Harris, Father Vargas and our visiting Clergy for a Solemn Mass at 12:30pm next Sunday to honor the Priests in our area. There will be a small reception following.

Sunday October 26th at 12:30pm

Saint Thomas More Ministry Directory
  Altar Servers     Mary Beth Kohn     561-358-1629  
  Apostles of Divine Mercy     Tom Gallo     561-603-5139  
  Chancellors of St. Thomas More (Men's)     Roberto Vasquez     561-699-1507  
  Circle of Friends (Seperated, Divorced, Singles)     Edward O'Donnell     561-526-8490  
  Columbiettes     JoAnn Boltz     561-737-2732  
  Daughters of Mary     Veleri Polcyn     561-434-2096  
  Knights of Columbus     Bob Boltz     561-737-2732  
  Legion of Mary     JoAnn Boltz     561-737-2732  
  Lectors Ministry     Rick Harlowe     561-737-7261  
  Madonna C.C.W.     Terri Gubitosi     561-967-0358  
  Masters of Ceremony     Brian Strub     561-432-1616  
  Music Ministry     Alfonso Guiterrez     561-737-3095  
  Purificators     Karen Wickins     561-704-1115  
  St. Peregrine Cancer Care     Dr. Aurea Tomeski     561-235-8131  
  St. Vincent de Paul Society     Tim Reese     561-906-7117  
  Ushers     Jacques Rene     561-736-6526  
  Windows & Widowers     Phyllis Fitzpatrick     561-737-1414  
  Women of God     Madeleine Dupree     561-436-6518  
  Youth Ministry Leader     Gabriele Sanchez     561-737-3095  
  Youth Ministry Co-Director     Alvaro Sanchez     561-737-3095  

St. Peregrine Mass

Join us on Saturday, November 8th at 10:30am
in the Saint Peregrine Garden.

This is a blessed Mass dedicated to those suffering
from Cancer and other ailments.

Parish Life Go to top

Would you like us to pray for you?

We make it simple through our app! Here's How:

  • Go to Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (Iphone)
  • Search for "Thomas More Church"
  • Click Download
  • Go to our Prayer Wall
  • Submit your prayers and let our priests and parishioners pray for you or a loved one.

Women's Retreat

"Are You Anxious? Are You Worried?
Have a Mary Heart in a Martha World."

November 22nd from 8:00am - 7:00pm

Mark your calendars to attend our Women's Retreat. This is a day of spiritual relief for the women who work hard to make things possible in our life.

Click here to download the form

Now Accepting Fall Registrations

Dedicate a Priest Vestment or Chalice

Consider making a dedication to honor a loved one through a Vestment be used by our St. Thomas More Church during the Celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist! Your loved ones name will be sewn on the Vestment to honor their memory.

Limited quantities available.

$800.00 - $1200.00

Madonna CCW Arts & Craft Show!

Click here to view photoalbum >>

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All Souls Day Masses

For the Faithful Departed Mass Schedule

All Saints Day Masses   Saturday, November 1st:   8:30am, 4:00opm, 5:30pm
All Souls Day Masses   Sunday, November 2nd:   7:00am, 8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm

Remember your loved ones at Mass on All Souls Day at St. Thomas More Church.
We lift up our deceased relatives and friends in prayer for the repose
of their souls throughout the month of November.

Please enroll your mom, your dad, a child or long gone sibiling in this venerable spiritual excercise.

Appointment with God

Join us and take a moment of silence to just pray and listen be in the presence of our Lord.

November 10th at 6:00PM in the Church.

Hope to see you there.

Submit a recipe for our cookbook

Submit a recipe for our cookbook

  • Do you have a favorite recipe?
  • Have you ever dreamed of being published?

Here is your chance. STM will be publishing a cookbook in the near future.

Please submit your favorite recipe w/ your name, address, phone and email. We will start collecting them at the Women's Retreat.

This Week at STM Preschool Preschoolers having fun indoors and outdoors!

Saint Thomas More Preschool Presents

Chi Mangia Bene, Mangia Italiano

Dinner & Auction
Sat, Nov. 15th at 6:30pm in the Parish Center
  • Tickets available at the Preschool office and the Parish Office $25.00
  • For more information about this event contact our Preschool Office 561-737-3770

My Blessing Light Candle Dispenser

Light a candle for a loved one.
We have a candle dispenser located in the
Saint Peregrine Garden and the Grotto.
Get yours today for a modest fee!

Funeral Arrangements

Often our Catholic Parishioners wish to plan ahead for their future. When the time comes to meet our Savior, we must consider the family that we leave behind. At Saint Thomas More we understand the difficulty of the selection of liturgy and music for a loved one's service.

To give you and your loved ones piece of mind, St. Thomas More Clergy and our dedicated staff will be happy to arrange your music and liturgy selection.


St. Thomas More in
your Last Will & Testament!

Formation Life Go to top

Join the St. Thomas More Children's Choir

Join the Saint Thomas More Children's Choir and Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord.

  • Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 5:00pm in Faith.
  • Formation Room#2 and the Choir sings at 8:30am Mass each Sunday.

Come & Praise The Lord with your voice!

Resurrection Choir

St. Thomas More Church is looking for new members. Participating in divine worship services as a choir member is a sacred responsibility, not to be taken lightly. The music is an integral part of Mass and choral music must add to the liturgy, not distract from the prayerful environment of worship.

Every hymn, every phrase, every verse of the church service must be rendered clearly and fittingly. This requires singers who are inwardly committed not just to the music, but also, and primarily, to the Faith.

Please contact Alfonso Gutierrez, at

Sticky Faith

Words of Faith
We learn from Jesus that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This teaching of Jesus' does not mean that there are three gods. It means that there are three Divine Persons in one God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is what we call the Blessed Trinity.

  • God the Father is the first Person of the Blessed Trinity.
  • God the Son is the second Person of the Blessed Trinity.
  • God the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Ministry Life Go to top

St. Thomas More presents our 2014-2015

Mazda 3, Mazda CX5 or Mazda MX5
Donation of $40 per ticket *.
Drawing on February 22nd .
See your Ticket for more details.

Click here to download the Ministry Schedule

Ministry Ticket Sale Schedule
  Week 4     Oct. 18th & 19th     Legion of Mary/Apostles of Divine Mercy & Daughters of Mary  
  Week 5     Oct. 25th & 26th     Youth Ministry & Purificators  
  Week 6     Nov. 1st & 2nd     Eucharistic Ministry  
  Week 7     Nov. 8th & 9th     Widows & Widowers & Catholic School Families  
  Week 8     Nov. 15th & 16th     RCIA English & Spanish  
  Week 9     Nov. 22nd & Nov. 23rd     Spanish Prayer Groups  
  Week 10     Nov. 29th & Nov. 30th     Knights of Columbus  
  Week 11     Dec. 13th & 14th     Chancellors - Spanish  
  Week 12     Dec. 20th & 21st     Columbiettes  
  Week 13     Dec. 27th & 28th     Altar Servers & Masters of Ceremony  
  Week 14     Jan. 3rd & 4th     Lectors Spanish & English  
  Week 15     Jan. 10th & 11th     Women of God  
  Week 16     Jan. 17th & 18th     MCCW  
  Week 17     Jan. 24th & 25th     Chancellors of STM English  
  Week 18     Jan. 31st & Feb. 1st     Circle of Friends & Spanish Choir  
  Week 19     Feb. 7th & 8th     Faith Formation Teachers & Families  
  Week 20     Feb. 14th & 15th     Ushers & St. Vincent de Paul  
  Week 21     Feb. 21st & 22nd     Preschool Staff & Families  

Thank You To our Sponsors

We would like to extend a special thank you to our sponsors from this past Blessing of the Animals.
Their help was greatly appreciated and through them the helped make it all possible.

Memories from the Saint Peregrine Mass

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Mass.
It is great to acknowledge this illness and to offer our prayers to those
who have suffered or is suffering through it. God Bless!

Coming Soon...

The Angel Tree

As we approach the Christmas Season we ask you to prayerfully consider 'adopting an Angel' from you STM Angel Tree so we can bring them Joy during this season of Hope. "Angels" will be avilable in the Church in November.


Minstry Christmas Party

We invite our Ministry Members to our Annual Ministry Christmas Dinner on Dec 14th! If you have a dish to share with the community please contact Mrs. Nora Tacoa at the Parish Office!


Gummy Vitamins for Honduras

November 29th we will begin accepting donations of unopened unexpired Children's Gummy Vitamins. These can be dropped off at the Parish Office during any of our normal operation hours.

Children's Christmas Pageant

Singers, Dancers, and Actors needed for our Children's Christmas Pageant! Call or stop by the Parish Office to sign up your child!

Children will preform for the Church:
December 24th at the 5:30pm Mass.

Bulletin Contact info
Please contact Manuel Santiago

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