Church Dedications

For your convenience, you can dedicate Flowers, Lamps or Unscheduled Mass Intentions by using the order button below.

Your dedication requests need to be submitted

two weeks prior to the Sunday of your dedication.


Mass Offerings


You may have a Mass offered for a particular person living or deceased or a special need.

Unscheduled Mass Offerings


Saint Peregrine Lamp

Do you know someone who is suffering, going through radiation, chemotherapy treatments, or has lost their battle with cancer and you would like to offer a special dedication to them? Consider dedicating our St. Peregrine Lamp in their honor or memory.


The candle will be offered for seven days and your intention will be published in our bulletin and on our website.

Saint Peregrine Lamp


7-Day Sanctuary Lamp

The Red Sanctuary Lamp by the tabernacle burns to remind us of the sacramental presence of Jesus Christ. It is a mark of honor to remind the faithful of the presence of Christ and is a profession of their love and affection. If you wish to have the Sanctuary Lamp burning in memory of a loved one, make arrangements with the Parish Office.


The cost of the candle is $75. It will burn for 7 days. The memorial will be published in our bulletin and on our website.

* Dedication date - Pending Approval

7 Day Sanctuary Lamp


Give A Donation

We look forward for your contribution as the Lord will lead you. God bless you.

* Dedication date - Pending Approval

Your Donation continues the work of ministry in the Name of Jesus Christ.  All of us at St. Thomas More Church bless you and promise to pray for you.  The Bible says, God loves a cheerful giver, and those whom He loves, He blesses.

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