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Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is committed to facilitating worship, fellowship, encouragement, and outreach through a balanced program of music that includes expressions ancient and modern, eloquent and simple, familiar and new. We strive to prepare gatherings for worship that are Christ-exalting, transformational and display the unity of the Spirit. Corporate worship in our morning and evening services is enhanced through various musical ensembles that participate each Sunday. If you sing or play an instrument, we would love to have you join us. 

Per Crucem - STM Cantors
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Tate of Choir

Hello everyone, summer is here! STM music ministry invites you to join us at one of our open rehearsals.


What is an open rehearsal, you ask? An open rehearsal is a time when you can sit in and even participate in one of our wonderful music ensembles without the pressure of having to commit right away.


Summer is a great time to try something new, meet new people and make new friends. Our music ministry is filled with wonderful people dedicated to using their gifts to help people enter the presence of the Lord through music. So join us this summer, we look forward to having you. 

Want to Serve?

Here is our weekly rehearsal schedule:


Children’s Choir - Tuesday 5 pm, faith formation building- room 2

Chancel Choir – Thursday 6 pm, faith formation building room 2


Cantors - Tuesday 6:30 pm,     faith formation building room 2

Spanish Choir - 7:00 pm, faith formation building room 2

For more information please contact the Parish Office.

Sanctuary Choir

Open to adult volunteers of various skill levels and musical backgrounds. The choir enjoys being together in fellowship and take seriously its mission to prepare music that serves the church and honors the Lord. Discover the joy and privilege of giving your time and talent for that which is eternal to the glory of God.

The choir sings for most Sunday morning services and is also featured in the annual Christmas Concert.

The choir rehearses every Thursday from 6:00—7:30 pm. 



Children's Choir
Each week, we help children build foundational musical skills & good vocal technique while learning how to serve God with our gifts through worship.

  • Open to Children in Grades 

  • Rehearsals on Tuesday from 5:00—6:00 pm in Room 2 of the Faith Formation building.

Music and Liturgy
Music that blends both spiritual and artistic excellence, is liturgical – it is sacred.  Such music has the ability to cultivate, strengthen, and deepen the spiritual experience of those gathered for worship.  The musical tradition of the Church is a treasure of immeasurable value...

7 Purposes for Christian Music

The purpose of church music is to enable the congregation to corporately worship God in one voice of praise and adoration. The word worship means to, “Ascribe worth to something, to show God’s worth.” True worship should come from our hearts. Amos 5:23 says, “Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols.” In this passage, God did not want to hear His people worship in song because..

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