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Continuing the Spiritual Journey After Death.

Step by Step Guide: Arranging a Catholic Funeral with STM

The final step in life is one many are not prepared for luckily we are. Death is a time for mourning, reliving those memories, forgiveness, and most importantly preparing the soul for its ascendance into heaven. St. Thomas More Catholic Church is here to help guide you through this difficult last step in the process of life.


Remembering the Departured


Selecting Readings and Music


Catholic Cremation

Step by Step Funeral Guide

St. Thomas More Church is here for you.

We aim to have the holiest Catholic Funeral for the departed. This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of arranging a funeral with us. We will be here every step of the way, and ensure your loved one gets the Christian funeral they deserve.


  • Losing someone is never easy, especially as you face this alone. Visit in person St. Thomas More Church, where we will listen to your voice and offer words of comfort. Our beautiful church provides an open channel of communication between you, our dedicated staff, and God.
  • Registered parishioners can set up a meeting with our Parish Counselor after the funeral is over. Meetings can be scheduled by either calling or visiting the Parish Office. Our counselors will give you further support during this difficult time.


  • Call or Visit the Parish Office and fill out a Funeral Request Form. Review Funeral Prices and select the options that best fit you.
  • Since our church calendar is full with two priests on campus. The Church will get back to you in 1 - 2 business days to confirm dates and services.
  • After date confirmations, please ensure to fill out the Funeral Liturgy Form. This form will let you select specific readings and songs to be presented in the Funeral.
Funerals Request Form | Price Packages | Readings & Music

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If someone you know and love has recently died, or dies in the next few days, of whatever cause, there may still be a small funeral held at a church or a crematorium led by a St. Thomas More Priest.