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Funeral Price Packages

The final step in life is one many are not prepared for luckily we are. Death is a time for mourning, reliving those memories, forgiveness, and most importantly preparing the soul for its ascendance into heaven. St. Thomas More Catholic Church is here to help guide you through this difficult last step in the process of life.

Funeral Packages
Liturgical Funeral Mass 

Full Mass with Body or Ashes present, Music or Instrumental or just silent Mass with recited words.

Name of the deceased mention In every Mass during prayers of the faithful during the weekend services.

Name to be added to the yearly poster of "All Souls and All Saints".

Clergy Liturgical Donation
Memorial Mass

Full Mass without the body or Ashes Music, instrumental or just silent recited Words.

Name of the Deceased Mentioned in Every Mass during weekend services. 

Clergy Liturgical Donation
Burial or Visitation

If Clergy is Available

Prayer service in the funeral home or Cemetery. It consists of a prayer service or a Rosary. 

Name will be also mention in the prayers of the Faithful during the weekend Masses

Other Options

Livestreamed broadcast entire mass to your family and friends. If you desire a copy of the Mass, we are able to have it ready if you bring with you an USB. It will take 3 to 4 days to get it ready.

Clergy Liturgical Donation

*Flowers and Decorations - You are responsible for ordering Flowers if you chose the Basic Package. Flowers and decoration must be delivered to the church 1 day before the funeral Mass.

Memorial Bricks Dedication Prices
Memorial Bricks

St. Peregrine Bricks

$300 - Brick

St. Peregrine Wall

$500 - Wall Plaque 12' X 4'

$1,000 - Wall Plaque 12' X 8'

$5,000 - Wall Plaque 12' X 12'

St. Peregrine Black Columns

$1,000 - Wall Plaque 12' X 8'

Grotto Bricks

$650 - Brick

Church Dedications
Church Dedications

Mass Offering

You may have a Mass offered for a particular person or living deceased or a special need.

$20 - Unschedule Mass

Saint Peregrine Lamp

Do you know someone who is suffering, going through radiation, chemotherapy treatments, or has lost their battle with cancer and you would like to offer a special dedication to them? Consider our St. Peregrine Lamp in their honor or memory.

The Candle will be offer for seven day and your intention will be published in our bulletin and on our website.

$75 - St. Peregrine Lamp

7-Day Sanctuary Lamp

The Red Sanctuary Lamp by the tabernacle burns to remind us of the sacramental presence of Jesus Christ. It is a mark of honor to remind the faithful of the presence of Christ and is a profession of their love and affection. If you wish to have the Sanctuary Lamp burning in memory of a loved one, make arrangements with the parish Office. 

The Cost of the candle  is $75. It will burn for 7 days. The memorial will be publish in our bulletin and on our website.

$75 - Sanctuary Lamp

Votive Candles.jpg

Sanctuary Flowers

Dedicate a bundle of flowers to a loved one. They will be placed on the front altar of the church for the entire week. Pastor Harris and Father Vargas will bless the flowers and pray for your loved one.

$150 - Sanctuary Flowers

Flower Box
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